“Why Does Meguiar’s Make So Many Products?”

When a question arises pertaining to  Meguiar’s products, would you care to wager what question I hear the most?  No need to risk your dough, because the answer is in the title of this post: “Why does Meguiar’s make so many products?!” 

Most of the confusion comes from the fact that Meguiar’s is distributed through different channels, and there are products or entire lines of product designed to be available in those channels.

Some examples:

Mirror Glaze / Professional
The Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze/Professional moniker identifies a Meguiar’s product as being made for professionals.  Mirror Glaze products are very specific, and some products require a high level of skill in order to use properly.  Mirror Glaze products have been available for well over sixty years.  It is a very diverse line.

You’ll find Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Products available at reputable paint and body equipment stores (PBE), or in stores that have a customer base that demands products that are tailor-made for very specific tasks.  Occasionally, you’ll see some Mirror Glaze Professional products lined up next to Marine, Detailer, or Consumer products.  This is usually done to fill a “gap” when another product in the store’s primary Meguiar’s line does not exist.  Stores such as www.buffdaddy.com are full-line dealers, so we stock or can get every product Meguiar’s makes.

Meguiar’s Detailer products are also tailored-made for professionals, with an eye towards detailers, detail shops, and car dealerships.  Some of the products are available in jumbo quantities.  It is very rare to find a Detailer product in a consumer-level automotive store.  However, Detailer products are readily available online, or via route trucks that frequent detail shops and dealerships.

The Meguiar’s Consumer line of products are readily available .  You can find Consumer grade products in auto parts stores, hardware stores, department stores, tire and wheel shops, and even grocery stores.  In addition, there are complete lines of products within the Consumer line.  As an example, the Meguiar’s Gold Class line features virtually everything you might need to cosmetically maintain your vehicle.  Need to revitalize your leather seats?  Then you’ll be happy to learn that Gold Class leather care products are available in foam, spray, lotion, and wipe-on versions.  A small store could feasibly carry only Gold Class products, yet manage to offer a customer everything he might need to maintain his ride.

Things get confusing once you realize that there are also Meguiar’s classic products (packaged in burgundy bottles), NXT products, and now, Ultimate products.  Most of the confusion stems from the fact that these sub-lines also feature products similar to those available in the Gold Class line!  It is easy to understand how a person could become confused, even if he considers only products in Meguiar’s Consumer line.

If you are not sure what product is best for you, ask an expert!  Meguiar’s keeps a wonderful staff on hand, ready and able to answer your questions.  Their toll-free number can be found on every product they offer.  You can also e-mail or call us at www.buffdaddy.com (use the link to the right for more information).

Oh yeah- Meguiar’s also offers a complete Boat/RV line and a Motorcycle line (and there are quite a few bottles of the Furniture line lying around).

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