Buffing Pads.

Ah, the buffing pad.  So many variations, so many uses.  Comparatively, they are the equivalent of sockets in the hand tool realm.  A mechanic may only own a handful of ratchets, but will typically line his tool chest with dozens, or even hundreds of sockets.

Some buffing pads are designed to accomplish very specific tasks, while others can handle a bevy of duties.  Really though, so much can be accomplished with any particular pad.  A machine change (equivalent to the ratchet, I suppose), an adjustment to machine speed, arm speed, applied pressure, amount of product, primed or not primed, polishing angle, a spritz of water (and perhaps a few other things) can make a really big difference to the pads characteristics.

In the months ahead, it would be informative to delve into the differences in pads, and how they can be manipulated to deliver maximum performance.  Sound like fun?!

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