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Buffing Pad Diameter is SO Important

The Importance of Buffing Pad Diameter. When it comes to polishing paint, buffing pads are as critical to polishing performance as tires are to over-the-road transportation vehicles. Choosing the ideal buffing pad can be frustrating, as there are a multitude … Continue reading

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“Which Information is the Right Information?”

“How do I do so-and-so?“• “Good advice ain’t free, and free advice ain’t good.”• “There’s a right way, a wrong way, and my way.”• “I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you.”• “Figure it out yourself. I had … Continue reading

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Technology… DRAT!

It sure is difficult to predict the “next big thing”.  This statement holds true in the realm of paint polishing, too. New technologies, products, and procedures seem to come about inconveniently quick.  Just as you’ve got the hang of one … Continue reading

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Are You Scared To Sand Automotive Paint?

As automotive paint is sanded, its surface becomes dull and non-reflective.  This can strike terror into the minds of even the most experienced paint polishers among us.  After all, these guys realize how difficult it can be to eliminate scratches, … Continue reading

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