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Are You Scared To Sand Automotive Paint?

As automotive paint is sanded, its surface becomes dull and non-reflective.  This can strike terror into the minds of even the most experienced paint polishers among us.  After all, these guys realize how difficult it can be to eliminate scratches, … Continue reading

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Meguiar’s Detailer Line.

Originally, the Meguiar’s Detailer line consisted of only four products.  It was introduced within the Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze line in the mid-nineties. Products included: M7601 All Purpose Cleaner (greenish-yellow colored) M7701 Silicone-Free Tire Dressing (water based, non-flammible, phosphate-free, pink colored) … Continue reading

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Meguiar’s M105 & M205 To Polish Metal.

The next time you need to polish aluminum, chrome, or stainless steel, give Meguiar’s M015 Ultra-Cut Compound or Meguiar’s M205 Ultra Finishing Polish a shot.  Before you blurt, “What?!  That product is made for polishing paint, not metal!”, let’s think … Continue reading

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“Why Does Meguiar’s Make So Many Products?”

When a question arises pertaining to  Meguiar’s products, would you care to wager what question I hear the most?  No need to risk your dough, because the answer is in the title of this post: “Why does Meguiar’s make so many … Continue reading

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The Soul of a Race Car.

Yesterday, I attended the Historic Races at Laguna Seca Raceway.  What a hoot!  I was able to see the Can-Am cars run through the gears at 8/10th’s or 9/10th’s speed, which was something I had not seen before. The winning … Continue reading

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