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Buffing Pad Diameter is SO Important

The Importance of Buffing Pad Diameter. When it comes to polishing paint, buffing pads are as critical to polishing performance as tires are to over-the-road transportation vehicles. Choosing the ideal buffing pad can be frustrating, as there are a multitude … Continue reading

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“Which Information is the Right Information?”

“How do I do so-and-so?“• “Good advice ain’t free, and free advice ain’t good.”• “There’s a right way, a wrong way, and my way.”• “I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you.”• “Figure it out yourself. I had … Continue reading

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Welcome Back to the Buff Daddy Blog!

When I fired up this blog many years ago, the plan was to post several articles per week. But in the blink of an eye, BAMMO! A dozen years seemingly evaporated. Sands of the hourglass, & all that jazz. In … Continue reading

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The Makings Of A Better Random Orbital.

Detailers and paint polishing guys are dropping fat cash on machines these days.  How much? Spending upwards of $400 these days on a technologically advanced rotary polisher is not uncommon.  Case in point; the Festool Shinex RAP 150 FE Rotary … Continue reading

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Technology… DRAT!

It sure is difficult to predict the “next big thing”.  This statement holds true in the realm of paint polishing, too. New technologies, products, and procedures seem to come about inconveniently quick.  Just as you’ve got the hang of one … Continue reading

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Meguiar’s DA Microfiber Discs Are Dee-licious!

“Ice cold milk and an Oreo Cookie…” Oh, hi there!  Didn’t hear you come in.  I was just eyeballing a pair of these incredible Meguiar’s DA Microfiber Discs.  Did you realize that if placed face to face, a pair of 3″ Finishing … Continue reading

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Detailing Forums, Blogs, & Videos. Information Overload?

As I scan the various detailing forums that we all enjoy, I think back to a simpler time, when forums did not exist.  Simpler perhaps, but was it easier to learn about paint polishing, interior cleaning, and detailing in general? … Continue reading

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“Hey Old Timer, Is That A Sanding Disc?!”

“Come again, Sonny?  Now why would you go and say something as foolhardy as that?  This little gem isn’t just a sanding disc.  It’s one of the world’s best sanding discs.  Get on over here, and take a closer look. This just so … Continue reading

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Paperwork? No Thanks. I’d Rather Clean Something!

Ugh, head shake, and drat. I cannot think of any single thing that causes me to procrastinate more than paperwork does.  The topic itself is quite interesting because although it seems contradictory, I really enjoy being organized! Since I’m on … Continue reading

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Are You Scared To Sand Automotive Paint?

As automotive paint is sanded, its surface becomes dull and non-reflective.  This can strike terror into the minds of even the most experienced paint polishers among us.  After all, these guys realize how difficult it can be to eliminate scratches, … Continue reading

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