“Hey Old Timer, Is That A Sanding Disc?!”

“Come again, Sonny?  Now why would you go and say something as foolhardy as that?  This little gem isn’t just a sanding disc.  It’s one of the world’s best sanding discs.  Get on over here, and take a closer look.

This just so happens to be a Mirka Abranet Sanding Discthe original net mesh disc. It’s made in Finland by some happy Finnish folks.  I can just about see their smiles as they box these beauties up!

Mirka makes Abranet Discs, along with a slough of other unique products.  Matter of fact, you can get net mesh goods in sheets, rolls, and discs.  This way, you can sand just about anything in need of a good sanding!

I reach for Abranet discs whether I’m wet or dry sanding.  That’s right, they’ll work either way.

Say, you like inhaling dust?  Me neither!  That’s why I use my trusty little sanding machine with a vacuum hose hooked onto to the back.  Sucks nearly all the dust right up, right through the rectangular hole in the mesh!  I’ll tell you something else… when I need to sand metal, aluminum, or stainless steel, I use my discs with a bit of lightweight mineral oil, but you can use all sorts of oils or solvents with Abranet discs.

My son, the “Master of All Things Automotive”, paints his own cars & stuff.  Anyway, he uses Abranet discs for metal prep, bondo shaping, and primer flattening.  Once the painting is all done, he switches to Abranet Soft discs because they’re available all the way up to 2500 grade, and their built-on foam backing stores water & distributes pressure e-ven-lee!  He uses Abranet and Abranet Soft discs with water when he needs to.  I rememebr the first time he used Abranet discs, just like it was yesterday.  He yelled, “Hey Pa, come see how these discs stay planted on the paint, even when I’m sanding with loads of water!  You just can’t do this with a regular old paper-backed disc- it’ll float and spin and hydroplane all over!  Yeeee-hawwww!”

I tell you, I could talk about these beauties all day.   How about this: you come around here from time to time, and we’ll work on some projects using net mesh discs together.  How’s that sound?

In the meantime, get some discs of your own young fella, and sand something smooth!”

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2 Responses to “Hey Old Timer, Is That A Sanding Disc?!”

  1. Barry Theal says:


    I wish I had your writing skills! These discs are great!

  2. Kevin Brown says:

    Thank you, Barry. Truth is, I just wrote down what the old guy said to me. :0

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