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The Rotary Buffer. Nostalgic? Perhaps. Obsolete? Apparently Not!

As of late, there have been substantial advances in the world of paint polishing.  Discussions pertaining to compounds, polishes and pads (and the methods used to polish automotive paint) riddle the various detailing forums on the Web.  It is an exciting … Continue reading

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Buffing Pads.

Ah, the buffing pad.  So many variations, so many uses.  Comparatively, they are the equivalent of sockets in the hand tool realm.  A mechanic may only own a handful of ratchets, but will typically line his tool chest with dozens, … Continue reading

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Meguiar’s Detailer Line.

Originally, the Meguiar’s Detailer line consisted of only four products.  It was introduced within the Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze line in the mid-nineties. Products included: M7601 All Purpose Cleaner (greenish-yellow colored) M7701 Silicone-Free Tire Dressing (water based, non-flammible, phosphate-free, pink colored) … Continue reading

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Meguiar’s M105 & M205 To Polish Metal.

The next time you need to polish aluminum, chrome, or stainless steel, give Meguiar’s M015 Ultra-Cut Compound or Meguiar’s M205 Ultra Finishing Polish a shot.  Before you blurt, “What?!  That product is made for polishing paint, not metal!”, let’s think … Continue reading

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“Why Does Meguiar’s Make So Many Products?”

When a question arises pertaining to  Meguiar’s products, would you care to wager what question I hear the most?  No need to risk your dough, because the answer is in the title of this post: “Why does Meguiar’s make so many … Continue reading

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Put Some Spring Into That Step… With An Interface Pad.

When machine sanding, an interface pad is placed between the sanding disc and backing plate.  Its job is to allow the sanding disc to flex, so that it can contour to curved or oddly shaped surfaces.  Of course, if a … Continue reading

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More About Pad Diameter.

Pad tangential speed aka edge speed aka linear speed. Imagine you are standing on the platform of a merry-go-round, and it is rotating at the rate of one revolution per minute (1 RPM).  If you are standing at the center … Continue reading

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How Pad Diameter Affects Polishing Performance.

How much difference does the diameter of a buffing pad make in regards to polishing performance?  It may be a lot more than you realize. First, lets consider surface area. If we compare a 3-inch diameter pad to a 4-inch diameter pad, there’s only a one inch difference between the … Continue reading

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Billy’s One-Wheeled Canyon-Running Machine.

As Billy entered “The Zone”, absolute concentration was critical; the valley he planned to traverse operating his one-wheeled machine was treacherous. One false move, and its effects would be irreversible. The machine would mask his vision as it traveled the … Continue reading

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The Soul of a Race Car.

Yesterday, I attended the Historic Races at Laguna Seca Raceway.  What a hoot!  I was able to see the Can-Am cars run through the gears at 8/10th’s or 9/10th’s speed, which was something I had not seen before. The winning … Continue reading

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