Meguiar’s Detailer Line.

Originally, the Meguiar’s Detailer line consisted of only four products.  It was introduced within the Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze line in the mid-nineties. Products included:

M7601 All Purpose Cleaner (greenish-yellow colored)
M7701 Silicone-Free Tire Dressing (water based, non-flammible, phosphate-free, pink colored)
m7801 Wheel Brite (oxalic acid, safe all surfaces except anodized, dark beer colored)
M7901 Wash and Wax (purple colored)

Today, there are dozens of items branded with the Meguiar’s Detailer moniker.  If you are looking for cutting-edge performance at a reasonable price, you owe it to yourself to search out Detailer-branded products.  They can be found online, or via route trucks that frequent detail shops, dealerships, and other outlets featuring detailing or cleaning products.

Of course, you can also purchase Detailer products at  While we are still ramping up our stock of Detailer items, we have a lot on hand that are not yet listed on the site.  The great thing is, Kevin has used gallons upon gallons of Detailer products, so recommending one to you is a snap!

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2 Responses to Meguiar’s Detailer Line.

  1. joe says:

    Will you carry #14? Acid rain correction cream?

    • Kevin Brown says:

      Joe, that was not a Detailer product..! It was a Mirror Glaze product, and if you want some #14, I am happy to sell you a compound similar in color (reddish/pink).

      It’ll be in a black jug, and don’t be concerned that it has no label.
      It will work remarkably similar to D300…! Silly guy.

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