KBM – The Kevin Brown Method – How It All Began.

Far be it for me to name a “method” after myself.  I suppose it would be okay, but I didn’t do it!  In fact, the designation Kevin Brown Method (or simply KBM) eventually grew to encompass three different methods; a procedure designed to deliver increased cutting and better final polishing using a random orbital; another method designed to maximize the cutting power of a Surbuf Microfingers Pad paired with a random orbital; and still another designed to improve the cutting potential of a rotary polisher.

My now good friend (and high-end detailer) Todd Helme inadvertently coined the phrase while writing a thread about several cars he had recently detailed.  In the thread, he simply mentioned that he had used Kevin Brown’s Methods of Madness to polish a 1948 Lincoln Zephyr.  It was a big deal to him at the time, because he was able to achieve results using the random orbital that he simply did not envision were possible. Immediately after posting his statement, people wanted to know: “Who is Kevin Brown, and what is his method?”  I was certainly happy to share the information with others, and eventually wrote two additional articles.

Check out the the Kevin Brown Method for yourself.  Perhaps there are few tips listed in the articles that will help you, too!

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